Interactive Voice Response

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response systems are designed to quickly classify callers according to their needs and automatically route them to the right resource within your company. Impress your callers with an automated IVR menu that improves their experience, by making it easier to find the desired destination.

Customized IVR settings

Tailor your IVR to fit caller needs and business goals by selectively offering direct access to specific departments. Go even deeper with multi-level IVR to direct callers to separate, specialized teams within those departments.


Easy IVR messaging

When setting up an IVR you will need a recording of the available options to chose. Currently we are offering a free 100 word script by professional voice actor to all new customers


Choose your own adventure

Set business hours for your IVR menu and fully customize how calls ring to specific ring groups throughout your company. Whether you route calls simultaneously to every user in a Team or just ring specific users, the choice is yours.